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GET TO KNOW.......King Rowdy!

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GET TO KNOW TBM's June 2011 Biker Dude of the Month
King Rowdy of Houston, Texas
This Biker Dude is hilarious, tons of fun, and unafraid to speak his mind. It is hard to find someone as honest and willing to accept what may come his way because of it. There is one particular stereotype found to be entirely untrue once he entered the motorcycle community. He believed all motorcycle clubs acted as a family, but it wasn't until after he joined a motorcycle club that he soon found his presumption to be false. He noticed it was the exact opposite and most motorcycle clubs surrounding him didn't act as a family unit. He actually felt there were hardly any who did. .
The biker name "King Rowdy" can be misleading and cause people to assume he is always rude, disruptive and plain old rowdy, but in reality King Rowdy is normally laid back, calm and sometimes a little loud at times. He doesn't typically live up to his biker name unless he's given a reason to do so. It isn't until someone chooses to push the wrong buttons that causes him to "act a fool" at times. Otherwise, he's regular old Terry from around the way......Chillin and checking out the scene.
If you haven't had the experience of talking with King Rowdy, then you are missing the opportunity of having an interesting and entertaining friend. Find out more about King Rowdy by reading "25 QUESTIONS with King Rowdy". You will definitely understand why they say he is honest once you read a few of his responses.

25 QUESTIONS with King Rowdy



1. Birth Name: Terry Terrence Butler

2. Age/Birthday: 36 yrs old/December 13, 1975

3. Sign: Sagittarius

4. What characteristic about yourself says you are definitely a Sagittarius? "A person has to be a little "throwed off" to be able to deal with someone as "throwed off" as myself, but it's my bad attitude that says I'm definitely a Sagittarius."

5. Where are you originally from? "I'm straight out of 5th Ward, Houston."

6. What type of bike do you currently ride and how many years have you been riding? "I have GXXR 1000 and I've been riding for 3 years now."

7. How do you characterize yourself? "I'm easy going, nice, loud at times and I love to have fun."

8. What is your biggest flaw? "My temper is too bad."

9. What can get you mad even to the point of fight? "When someone takes advantage of me or when someone calls me out of my name."

10. What qualities do you look for in a good friend? "Faithfulness and trust."

11. What qualities do women say they love about your body and your personality? "They say I make them laugh. I'm a gentleman. I open doors and compliment them all the time. They say it's my face that makes me handsome."

12. What qualities attract you to a woman in regards to their body and personality? "Physically.....Big butt and a cute face. Mentally....Someone who is able to adapt to any situation. Someone who can be ghetto, professional, goofy and switch back over to be my wife."

13. What is your current relationship status? "I've been married for the last 7 years to Audrey "Triple A" Butler. We've been together for a total of 14 years."

14. What is your biggest pet peeve when riding with others riders? "When these assholes want to pick their bikes up on the freeway in front of a lot of cars. That endangers all of our lives including the cars and motorcyclists."

15. What is your best quality? "My sex tool"

16. What is your hobby or passion when you're not riding your bike? "Getting high....Smoking! That's my hobby. I love getting high. I love me some reefa!"

17. Name one thing about yourself others did not know, but was surprised when they found out? "...That I love kids."

18. Do you have a funny, scary or embarrassing moment? "I have a scary....No let's say an embarrassing moment. I picked up a woman that turned out to be a man. Now THAT was embarrassing!"

19. Is there a person or club who has inspired you? "Well, I have a person and a club. My person is El Jefe (Street FX VP & COC appointed Sports Bike Liason). He taught me how to act in certain situations around this motorcycle stuff and how to treat each situation. My club is the 3rd Coast Strokers because they are a family that acts like a family."

20. Name something you need to improve about yourself? "My social skills with people."

21. Name something you like about the bike set besides riding in general? "The parties! I love the parties, they're always the best."

22. Finish this sentence. "When on the bike set, I get tired of seeing.....Women fighting and arguing over men everybody has already had."

23. What advice would give a new rider? "I'd say sit back and evaluate every club inside and out before making the decision to join any club."

24. What has the experience of winning Biker Dude done for you and how did you feel when you found out you were the winner? "I was excited when I found out I won, I was hella excited! I wanted to throw a party, but I couldn't afford it. Winning TBM's Biker Dude of the Month is the first thing I have ever won in my entire life. It's a two-part experience for me. Number 1 is winning Biker Dude in the first place and Number 2 is being the first to win in my club (Kingz Angelz). It showed people that I'm not as bad as they think I am. At Bridging the Gap, I had over 10 people approach me about Biker Dude because they recognized me from Texas Biker Magazine."

25. What is your opinion about TBM and what have they done for the bike community? "TBM is always somewhere taking pictures. The one thing TBM does for the community is put the word out and it's reported exactly as it was said. To me, that's the most important thing about TBM – TBM let's us say things the way we want to say it and no one can misconstrue what was said because it's communicated the right way.the way we want to say it. They're the one stop motorcycle news station. Really, we can get the dirt, the low-down, the good news, what's coming up, what's going on, who's the club of the month, or whatever. It's working for TBM because the staff is hands on. They are up close and personal. We know the staff by names like.....We know Sweeny, Twinkie and Michelle. We know their names. They treat us like people, not like a biker magazine or something. That's what makes TBM exactly who they are. It's not about posing for a picture, then walking away, instead it's more like......"Hey, how's your day or what's going on with you." That's what make TBM stand out and probably why everyone else cuts for TBM as well. It's their personalities and how personable they are with all of us."



0 #1 KING ROWDY 2011-08-09 13:17
In my Q and A I wuz asked wht wuz my pet peeve whn riding wit others and I said whn these assholes pick thtr bike up on 1 wheel in frnt of alot of cars, Well I said tht because whn ur up on 1 wheel u hve no control if u fall u endanger my life behind u and tha other drivers on tha road so therefore in my book ur an asshole because u hve no regard 4 tha 2 wheel riders thts wit u, U hve no respect eor tha cars thts around u and tht is being an asshole, life is to precious 2 play wit when ur on a crowded freeway full of car and 18 wheelers....I hope this will open ur eyes and see it from my point if not just rember even tha best rider makes mistakes.....

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