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More photos from past Biker Dudes and Biker Babes

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The photo above is just one of the many group photos from the photo shoot of our past Biker Dudes and Babes together at the Horn photographed by Daphne of Humble.  Daphne is the owner of FACE 2 FACE Photography.  View more photos...... 



Click on an individual photo of any of our past Biker Dudes/Biker Babes below to view more of their photos from TBM's group photo shoot at the Horn.       

  sparks     slim
(lt) Sparks of Houston
  July 2009 Biker Babe  
Member of G.L.O.W. (Houston)
(rt) Slim of Houston
February 2010 Biker Dude
holiday      peachy
(lt) J.Holiday of Houston
March 2010 Biker Dude
(rt) Peachy of Houston
December 2009 Biker Babe
Member of Tru Souljas (Houston)
 bird     black_kat2
(lt) Bird of Houston
January 2010 Biker Babe
Member of G.L.O.W. (Houston)
(rt) Black Kat of Houston
March 2010 Biker Babe
Member of 3rd Coast Strokers (Houston)


  topmodel     onetime
(lt) Top Model of Houston
August 2010 Biker Babe
Member of Ruff Ryders (Houston)
(rt) ONETIME of Houston
December 2010 Biker Dude
Member of H.O.T.T. (Houston)


   rowdy     necie2
(lt) KING ROWDY of Houston
June 2011 Biker Dude
Member of Original Kingz Angelz (Houston)
(rt) 5 STARR of Houston
June 2011 Biker Babe
Member of DownAz Ridaz (Houston)


0 #1 XQUISIT1 2011-07-16 18:55
Hmmm, I seem 2 b MISS'N a BG/BD of the month...XQUISIT TEKNIQ & DANEL, Sept. 2009!!! WTF!!!

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