Are you curious to know who's in the lead to become our next Biker Babe and Biker Dude?  Here are the results so far....

For Biker Babe we have....

1.  alt  Black Kat (3rd Coast Strokers)

2.  alt  Pokie (#1 Stunnas - Houston)

3.  alt  Lyn (G.L.O.W.)

As far as the Biker Dude, we have a FOUR-WAY TIE for the top spot.  Those candidates are...

1.  alt  CharlieHustle

1.  alt  J-Holiday (#1 Stunnas - Houston)

1.  altShanno ( Hard Riders)

1. alt  Clean-Up Man (Kingz Angelz) need to vote in order to get your favorite Biker Babe or Dude in that top spot!  The DEADLINE is February 25, 2010 at 11:59pm. 

 Make your vote count!!!


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